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Dr. Melanie Ott receives Merit Award from NIH

Melanie Ott

Dr. Melanie Ott was nominated for and accepted an NIH Merit Award for her R01 “Role of Factor Acetylation in the Regulation of HIV transcription”. Merit awards enable NIH Institutes to give investigators with stellar records of research accomplishment a five-year award with the possibility of extending the initial award for up to five additional years without undergoing another IRG peer review.

Congratulations, Melanie!

Camille Simoneau gives talk at BayViro 2019

Melanie Ott

Ott Lab graduate student Camille Simoneau spoke at the 9th Annual Bay Area Symposium on Viruses, on June 7, 2019. Camille’s talk was titled “Modeling CB8+ T cell responses against liver infection with 3D organoids”, and she was one of only two graduate students chosen to give a talk at the event.

Great job, Camille!

Nathan Meyers presents at UCSF Mini-Symposium

Melanie Ott

Ott Lab postdoctoral scholar Nathan Meyers gave a talk entitled “Hepatitis C virus infects and perturbs liver stem cells” at the UCSF Mini-Symposium on Liver Stem Cells on May 30, 2019. The Mini-Symposium was part of the UCSF Liver Center’s annual programming, and included talks from researchers at Gladstone, UCSF, and Stanford University.

Great job, Nathan!

The Ott Lab shares research at the 2019 Gladstone Scientific Retreat

Melanie Ott

This year at Gladstone’s Scientific Retreat, several members of the Ott Lab presented their research. Postdoctoral scholar Nathan Meyers gave a talk entitled “HCV Infects and Perturbs Liver Stem Cells”, which received great interest from Gladstone colleagues. Lab members Jennifer Hayashi, Camille Simoneau, Parinaz Fozouni, Albert Vallejo-Gracia, Kristoffer Leon, and Sarah McMahon presented posters, with Parinaz winning a ‘Best Poster’ award.

Congrats, Parinaz, and great job to everyone who presented!

Ott Lab Alumni Achieves Graduate School Success

Melanie Ott

Former Ott Lab intern Musette Caldera has been accepted to San Francisco State's Masters Program in Cell and Molecular Biology. Musette was also awarded the NIH Bridges to PhD Fellowship. She will begin her studies this coming Fall 2019.

Congrats, Musette!

The Ott Lab gets exciting grant news

Melanie Ott

The Ott Lab, in collaboration with Drs Niren Murthy, and Nir Yusef at UC Berkeley as well as Dr. Steven Deeks at UCSF, was awarded an R61 grant by the National Institute of Health’s National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). This grant will enable the Ott Lab to study primary latently infected T cells isolated from aviremic HIV-infected drug users using single-cell RNA-Seq and CRISPR technology.

In more good news, the Ott Lab’s recent R01 renewal ranked in the 3rd percentile during review at NIAID.

Two new members join the Ott Lab

Melanie Ott

The Ott Lab started off 2019 by adding two new postdoctoral scholars, Gili Aviv and Danielle Lyons. We are very excited to have these two join our team! Welcome, Gili and Danielle!

To learn more about our lab members, scroll over the ‘People’ button, and select ‘Lab Members’.

Ibraheem Ali gives exit talk

Melanie Ott

On December 21st, 2018, Ibs gave his exit talk, one of the final stages of completing his PhD. Ibs will continue to work in the Ott Lab as a postdoctoral scholar while he works on a manuscript for publication.

Congrats, Dr. Ali!

Krystal Fontaine and Kristoffer Leon publish Zika paper

Melanie Ott

Krystal and Kris’ paper “The cellular NMD pathway restricts Zika virus infection and is targeted by the viral capsid protein” has been accepted for publishing by mBio! Co-authors include Mir Khalid, Sakshi Tomar, David Jimenez-Morales, Mariah Dunlap, Julia A Kaye, Priya S Shah, Steve Finkbeiner, Nevan J. Krogan, and Melanie Ott.

Congrats, Krystal and Kris!

Melanie Ott receives Chan Zuckerberg Award

Melanie Ott

Dr. Melanie Ott was awarded a Chan Zuckerberg Intercampus Research Award for her project “Defining host responses of virus- infected and uninfected neighbor cells”. This funding from the CZ Biohub will foster further scientific research collaboration between Stanford, the University of California at Berkeley, and the University of California at San Francisco. More information about the award can be found here.

Congratulations, Dr. Ott!

Juan Torres presents research

Melanie Ott

Ott Lab summer intern Juan Torres presented the research he did with postdoc Nathan Meyers on August 1st. Juan's presentation was entitled "Using Liver Stem Cells to Develop a 3D Model for Studying Hepatitis C". Juan will return to UCLA in the fall to complete his undergraduate studies.

Great job, Juan!

Philip Ansumana Hull moves on to Bristol-Meyers Squibb

Melanie Ott

On June 22nd, Philip Ansumana Hull successfully defended his thesis and earned his PhD. His thesis work focused on immune aging, T cell biology, and T cell metabolism. This included identifying a novel evolutionary conserved SIRT1-FoxO1 axis that regulates CD8+ memory T cell metabolism and cytotoxicity. His last day in the Ott Lab was July 31st, and he is now off to work for Bristol-Meyers Squibb.

Congratulations, Ansu, and good luck at your new job!